Landscape Lighting Design & Install

Installing an outdoor lighting system at your home has many benefits. Proper installation of the lighting system will greatly enhance the beauty of your property.

When designing your outdoor Landscape lighting solution, our free onsite consultation will aim to highlight key focal points on your property that will be great candidates for architectural illumination.

There are three basic outdoor lighting effects that, when used together, create a layered and dramatic look that comprises some of the best designs for your outdoor property:

  • Up-lighting – Use this effect to create drama with bold shadows on tall trees or landscape structures. Aiming the light upwards emphasizes the contrast of dark shadows and bright light. Up-lighting can also highlight architectural features around your home, such as stone walls, flag poles, architecutral fences,  barns, utility sheds, garden statues and detached arbors.

  • Down-lighting – Also referred to as moon-lighting, this lighting effect creates gentle, romantic light scenes by aiming light downward, usually from a tree. Down-lighting creates a particularly impressive effect when mounted on top of an open-branched tree. Benches, backyard decks, porches, etc are great candidates for Down-lighting effects.

  • Cross-lighting – Lighting a focal point from both sides eliminates unwanted shadows and helps the object stand out. This effect works great for objects that are not uniform in shape, such as large shrubbery, raised flower beds and boulders, which can create unpleasant shadows when lit from a single source underneath or from above.