Worry Free Maintenance Programs

Outdoor lighting maintenance is key to keeping your lighting system looking and operating at its best. While extensive warranties on our lighting product lines will provide you with a largely trouble-free lighting system, outdoor lighting will be affected by weather over time and ultimately require maintenance.

We sell our LED lighting systems with a lifetime warranty that covers fixtures and installation. That lifetime warranty doesn’t cover the bulbs however.

In addition, we offer a one-year “bumper to bumper” warranty that covers any trouble. Do you have a timer issue? A bulb fails? A light needs to be readjusted or re-aimed? It’s covered for the first year after installation of your LED outdoor lighting system.

After your first year anniversary, Cape LightScape Designs offers annual outdoor lighting maintenance agreements which include two scheduled visits per year.

Our maintenance agreements (based on size of your system) include the following:

  • LED Bulb replacement (if required)
  • Adjustment of fixtures for proper refocusing
  • LED Lens cleaning
  • Any required Software updates
  • Conversion of Halogen to LED systems
  • Service and Repair of older systems