Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For the functional benefits and value that you receive from adding landscape lighting, it’s a small investment overall.

When you think of the investment of an overall outdoor living area or of front yard hardscaping and landscaping, adding a professional lighting system to boost both the aesthetics and the functionality of those areas is an affordable investment that provides maximum curb appeal of your home and property.  Our landscape lighting systems are eco-friendly, energy efficient LED which consume up to 80 percent less electricity than older halogen/incandescent systems.

Professional outdoor landscape lighting adds beauty, character, style and safety to your home and property. The High efficiency, low voltage lighting will enhance the unique styling of your home while offering safety, security and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor landscape.
Starting the project is simple - just fill out the brief information form under CONTACT US on this site and we will set up a time at your convenience for a home site visit to discuss your outdoor lighting requirements and options for lighting. Based on availability, a complimentary demo system can be scheduled as well.
Because each client's design is unique and custom due to the size of their home and property landscape, different types and styles of fixtures are used to achieve the optimal look of their lighting solution. We can say a "typical" design using 6-8 LIFETIME warranty all brass light fixtures will cost between $1,800 to $2,500 based on the types of light fixtures used and the area of coverage of the property.. 
LED lighting is extremely cost effective. Older Halogen based lighting systems are much more expensive to run and their light expectancy is much less than LED lights. Factors to determine actual costs are number of lights, size of transformer, number of hours system is lit and price per killowatt hour (Residential electricity rates in Massachusetts average 14.91¢/kWh - rates fluxuate). On average, a heavily used medium sized system (15 LED light fixtures) will cost approximately $25 a year. Significant savings over halogen based lighting.

All of the lighting fixtures we install come with lifetime warranties. The LED lamps have a one year warranty. Cape Lightscape Designs offers a 1 year installation warranty and after year 1 we offer yearly maintenance plans (see Maintenance & Repair Plans on website for details).
Small to medium sized systems are usually installed in one day depending on the total number of fixtures and the amount and length of underground wire necessary to cover lighting area(s).
One of the major advantages of installing a well designed lighting system by Cape Lightscape Designs is the ability to easily change or add to the installed system. Typically clients focus on illuminating key focal areas of their property and as they add new landscaping or hardscapes, we can easily adapt to illuminating the new areas of the property.
Our goal is to provide you with the best outdoor lighting system possible. We will repair or extend existing LED systems upon inspection and review. Most existing systems are either outdated (non-LED)  or inferior solar systems.  In this case, we would recommend installing  a new LED eco-friendly efficient custom designed system that carries a lifetime warranty on fixtures.