Pool & Outdoor Living Design

Installing an outdoor lighting system at your home has many benefits. Proper installation of the lighting system will greatly enhance the beauty of your property.

If you are lucky enough to cool down in your own backyard swimming pool then you want to get the most out of your pool and outdoor living space. Transform your evening experience to take on the resort feel with the enhancement of a professionally designed LED Landscape Lighting System. We have listed four pool lighting ideas that you should consider to deliver that  "resort like" lighting effect for your swimming pool and outdoor living space..

Pool Deck and Pathways Lighting

One of the most beautiful lighting candidate areas on your property is your pool and/or outdoor living space. Lighting your pathways and pool deck properly should be completed with as minimal a design as possible. The last thing you want to create is the runway effect with too many lights or have obtrusive lighting fixtures to stumble over. Up-lighting, Down lighting and Cross-lighting fixtures will provide beautiful effects for your pathways, pool deck and Hardscape..

Surrounding Landscape Lighting

When lit the landscape surrounding the pool area will act as a backdrop; it can create the perfect lighting canvas for creating an oasis out of your swimming pool after dark. If you have mature trees, flower beds or hardscape areas around your pool or living space, you have multiple options for lighting solutions. Up-lighting, Down lighting and Cross-lighting fixtures will provide beautiful effects for your surrounding landscape.

Pergolas & Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Combined with shade providing pergolas, backyard patios and even outdoor kitchen areas, today's outdoor living spaces are designed with more than pools in mind. For every outdoor living space, task lighting has become essential. When grilling, for example, be sure you have light so you can see that your medium rare isn't going to be medium well. Outdoor bar top lighting can set the tone with under counter lighting that will rock the night.

Fire Pit & Sitting Walls

Under Cap lighting of the stone walls for your fire pit can certainly complete any lighting project. Even if your fire pit is completed, don't let that stop you. Cape Lightscape Designs have the tools and know-how to install these lights, even after your fire pit is built. Illuminate your sitting area without exposing it to a direct flood lighting, which can be glaring and spoil an otherwise tranquil ambiance. Under Cap Lighting, Pathway lighting and Well lighting can work individually or in combination with each other  to distinguish sitting areas and light pathways around your living spaces.

In Conclusion, Your outdoor living space should be your personal escape and sanctuary and it ought to be something you can enjoy to its fullest, regardless of what time the sun decides to set. The pool, landscape, sitting area, fire pit, barbecue, etc., are all essential pieces to making your ideal backyard getaway a reality and yet it is only by taking each of these pieces into consideration, with a lighting scheme in mind, that a completed backyard getaway can truly come to life, even in the dark.